Rodney Smith is a man on a mission. As he was finishing up his undergrad, he felt an aimlessness that troubled him. He turned to prayer. He is quick to note that his prayers were not immediately answered. He continued on, not knowing how to best use his talents, when the answer to his prayers presented itself. He saw a man who needed help, and Smith was able to help.

The need was simple. The man was mowing his lawn, but struggling with the effort. Smith stepped up and helped.

“That night I decided to mow free lawns for the elderly, disabled, single moms and veterans,” he told Fox.

Shortly after, he took his services public. He began mowing lawns for the elderly, for veterans, even for single mothers… anyone who needed his help. And he did it for free.

What began as a simple offer of assistance has grown into a movement. Raising Men Lawn Care Service is more about Caring and Service than it is about showcase lawns.

“I reached 40 lawns so quick that I upped my goal to 100,” he said. “A month and a half later I reached my hundredth lawn.”

Now Smith is traveling to all 50 states to help those in need. Along the way he’s enlisting kids to help in this effort.

“He added that his service has implemented the ’50 Yard Challenge,’ which is issued to children nationwide,” Fox writes.

“The challenge, for kids who accept it, is to mow 50 lawns free of charge in their communities, then being progressively rewarded with T-shirts and protective outerwear.”

“Once they reach 50, we fly to wherever they are, we do lawns with them and we also give them a brand-new lawnmower,” Smith added.

The movement is growing, and Smith is on the road, preaching his message of service and hard work. And the kids he’s working with seem to understand. Smith is offering them a chance to grow by giving.

Source: The Tribunist

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