A man decided to go the extra mile after spotting an ad on Craigslist looking for a used basketball. The post, written by a patient at a VA hospital, stated that the facility had a basketball court outside, but didn’t have any basketballs. The veteran said it “gets pretty boring” at the hospital particularly since he “can’t take weekend passes.”

The original post, shared by thebarbarion on Imgur, stated that he was “looking for anyone willing to donate an old basketball they have laying around,” giving patients a way to entertain themselves while they stayed at the VA hospital.

He continued, “If you’re willing to donate one it will stay here at the PTSD unit after I am gone, you’re not donating it to me but to every veteran that comes here for treatment.”

“Don’t really care about the condition so long as it keeps air and bounces,” he added. “Thank you in advance.”

A man responded to the ad, saying, “I don’t understand why u guys don’t have basketballs! I’m a little over an hour north of Waco and heading that way on business. I’ll stop at Walmart and pick up a couple. What about a couple of gloves and a baseball/softball or a couple of footballs?”

The veteran replied, humbly stating, “I greatly appreciate the response. I absolutely can’t ask you to go out and spend money on new things. I was hoping to be able to find someone with just an old one sitting around.”

He continued, “With that being said, we don’t have much here in regards to outdoor stuff, a couple of frisbees, a foam football, and I think ladderball. Most of the activities and recreational stuff we have is inside stuff.”

The man replied to the veteran again, asserting, “If I couldn’t afford it, I wouldn’t offer! It’s the least I can do! I’ll stop and grab a few things for u guys/gals. I’ll be over to drop them off around 9pm. Hopefully they don’t lock the doors b4 then.”

The veteran stated that “lockdown” was at 9:00 pm, adding that he “talked to the night nurse and she said she would be more than willing to meet you outside our building to pick the stuff up.”

However, the good Samaritan was able to arrive before 9:00 pm and was able to meet the veteran he had been exchanging messages with when he dropped off the items.

Not only did the man provide two new basketballs, but he also brought footballs, gloves, baseballs, and a pump.

Comments on the Imgur post were incredibly positive, calling the man an “excellent human” and a “real MVP” for stepping up for veterans in need.

Just a human being a bro


Source: The Tribunist

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