On Wednesday, police officers were called to a Best Buy store after employees spotted a man who they said was seen shoplifting an iPhone X just a few days early. When they arrived, law enforcement confronted the man, who claimed to be a federal marshal. But they didn’t buy the man’s story.

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The incident took place in Boyton Beach, Florida. Officers approached the man, identified as John O’Grady, 61, and noticed a US Marshal’s lapel pin on his suit as well as badge attached to his belt.

The officers asked O’Grady if he was armed, and he said he was, letting the cops know the weapon was on his hip. O’Grady also identified himself as a federal marshal.

O’Grady was asked for his “federal marshal ID,” which he said he was not carrying. One of the officers questioned his lack of identification, saying, “So, you’re carrying a weapon with no ID on you?” O’Grady replied, “No, ‘cause I just stepped out of my house to get this [unintelligible].”

When the police officers asked O’Grady for the name of his supervisor, he changed his tune, admitting he was not actually a federal marshal and stating that the firearm he was carrying was fake.

The weapon ended up being a BB gun.

One of the officers “congratulated” O’Grady for impersonating a law enforcement official, announcing it is a felony. O’Grady was handcuffed and, during the ensuing conversation, claimed he did not know that representing himself as a law enforcement officer was illegal. He also claimed he was a limo driver.

O’Grady then consented to have his vehicle searched, and the police officers found the iPhone X that was shoplifted from the Best Buy store a few days prior.

O’Grady was arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail, according to a report by WPTV. He was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, a felony-level crime, as well as retain grand theft.

The encounter with O’Grady was captured by one of the officer’s body cameras, which was later made public.

Source: The Tribunist

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