0 Man Adopts Baby Kangaroo While Intoxicated. Doesn’t Realize it Until Months Later - All American Savage

Many people have at least on story of doing something silly or stupid while under the influence. Many times, the incident isn’t remembered until someone else reminds us, or we find our own evidence of our actions.

That was the case with Peyton Haag who has a few too many on New Years Eve. Turns out Peyton actually adopted a baby kangaroo while he was inebriated and didn’t realize it until months later.

All of a sudden a reminder that Peyton had written to himself made a lot more sense.

After some more digging, Peyton actually became concerned that his $5/month wasn’t actually benefiting the kangaroo very much.

He then posted some other cute kangaroos available to support if anyone following his story was interested.

Naturally, Twitter loved the story of inebriated charitable giving and let Peyton know. He was hit with hundreds of supportive messages and picked up a large number of followers in the process.

Peyton is also fully embracing his recent “fatherhood” on his social media accounts:

Source: The Tribunist

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