For the first time ever, the murder rate in the UK’s capital city outpaced one of the US’s largest cities. In February, 15 people were killed in London while only 14 deaths were reported in New York City. In March, 22 murders were reported in London while New York City had 21.

Both New York City and London have similarly sized populations, listed as approximately 8.5 million people each.

During a single week in March, the murder rate spiked in London when eight people were killed, according to a report by Metro.

The majority of the murders in London were stabbings. In comparison to the US, the UK has incredibly strike gun control laws.

So far this year, there were 29 knife-related deaths in the UK’s capital city, and fatal stabbings have reached their highest levels in both England and Wales since 2010-2011.

Anyone who wishes to own a firearm in the UK must be licensed to do so, regardless of the type of gun. After a massacre at Dunblane primary school in 1996, handguns were effectively banned throughout the UK.

There are some exceptions regarding owning handguns, such as target pistols for licensed clubs, for the handling of animals and vermin, or those with historical significance. However, the licensing requirements are incredibly strict, largely keeping handguns out of the hands of the general public.

It should be noted that New York City’s murder rate over the entire year currently outpaces London, but the recent statistics indicate a troubling trend for the UK’s capital city.

In 2018, New York City has reported 50 murders while London has 46 total. However, New York City’s murder rate has been declining from month-to-month while London’s is rising.

“One murder is one too many, and we are working hard with our partners to understand the increase and what we can all do to prevent these tragedies from happening in the first place,” said a spokesman for London’s Met Police.

“We have seen the virus of violence spreading. It is endemic in so many different parts of societies. It can only be dealt with in a holistic manner because it is so holistic in its impact.”

Source: The Tribunist

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