Nearly everyone enjoys celebrating life’s small victories. While an unwritten rule in Major League Baseball doesn’t look kindly on being too celebratory as a runner heads to home plate, Little League isn’t necessarily subjected to the same standards, largely because some little leaguers are incredibly young and aren’t always aware of these unspoken nuances of the game.

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One little leaguer took full advantage of his run to home plate. His hilarious trot, reminiscent of the slow-motion running from the Six Million Dollar Man, showed the player was trying to milk the experience for all it was worth.

Mostly, the little leaguer kept his arms bent at 90-degrees, mimicking the form of a quick run. However, his pace was hilariously slow, resulting in little more than a single step a second.

The crowd was mostly amused by the player’s journey towards home plate. However, the coach attempted to hurry things along, lightly guiding the little leaguer and encouraging him to pick up the pace.

However, the player resisted and even attempted to shrug off the coach’s efforts to speed up his victory run.

Once the coach walks away, the little leaguer gets back in position and continues to slowly make his way towards home plate.

For good measure, the player doesn’t just walk across home plate. Instead, he places his hands down on the base, completing his trip and scoring a run while the crowd cheers on.

Video of the epic run quickly went viral, accumulating over 5.9 million views in just two days.

Source: The Tribunist

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