In a unique celebration, the crown prince of Jordan, Hussein bin Abdullah, marked the passing of his 24th birthday not with a traditional night out with friends but by participating in live-fire, urban combat drills with his father, King Abdullah. Video of the event was shared on Instagram by Hussein’s mother, Queen Rania.

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The video, which was released last Thursday, shows the king and crown prince riding in a black car on a local military base, according to a report by the Times of Israel.

After a bit of traveling, the car comes to a sudden halt, and the pair quickly open fire.

Hussein can be seen taking shots out of a window while his father exits the car on the passenger side, takes a position behind the hood, and begin firing rounds.

The crown prince soon leaves the car as well, throwing a smoke grenade and taking cover behind the vehicle, though he does pause for a moment to put the handbrake on.

Both Hussein and King Abdullah are wearing military-style vests and sunglasses. They begin advancing down range, firing at targets with their rifles.

The crown prince eventually switches to a pistol after running out of rifle ammunition.

Hussein, like his father and grandfather, was trained at Sandhurst military academy in the UK and is a qualified helicopter pilot.

Last month, a separate Instagram video featured footage of his air force brethren pouring buckets of water over him to mark his first solo helicopter training run.

Hussein also hosted Prince William, a member of the British royal family, while he visited Jordan last week.

On the Instagram post that features the video, the queen wrote: “Happy birthday Al Hussein, we grow more proud of you every day… I see so much of His Majesty in you, including your shared love for the military – Taken during the conclusion of a recent round of live-fire training exercises.”

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Source: The Tribunist

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