While many news outlets look to social media as an expedient tool of content delivery, this is really why social media exists. When a woman posted a photo of the way her boyfriend attacked a KitKat candy bar, Twitter was there for her. And the advice she’s received about how to handle the situation is, like her photo of the mauled KitKat, going viral.

Haley Byrd posted the image.

“‘I don’t think I’ve ever had a KitKat before,’ my boyfriend remarks before doing THIS.”

Her focused use of capitalization suggests she might be upset. The internet certainly was. Just what does one do with such heathen habits?

If these two images from Twitter are any indication, Haley (pictured above)shouldn’t be surprised. Her hair is fastidious. She seems put together in a way that her boyfriend, Evan Wilt (pictured below) does not.

If opposites attract, than she has nothing to complain about. Yet Evan, with his disheveled hair and relaxed approach to shaving, doesn’t seem like he’s bothered much by societal expectations.


“He had no idea why I laughed so hard,” she wrote. “Oh sweet summer child,” she added.

Many of the hundreds who weighed in wanted her to find a new boyfriend.

Others wanted a more official end to the relationship.

Dictionary.com, an unlikely troll in many debates lately, weighed in, too.


“Break off: What one does to a @KITKAT. Also break off: What one might do to a relationship with someone who does this.”


@JeakPaul wrote: “I know someone who does this. Reader, I married him. We don’t talk about it. He eats his Kit Kats away from home.”


“Hey, I am eating them the way they are packaged. Speak to the manufacturer,” her husband replied.


There are other great ways to eat things, apparently.


“Internet — I appreciate your feedback. But Kit Kat crime aside, @EvanWilt_ is a keeper,” she wrote back.


Source: The Tribunist

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