When a black backpack was found sitting on top of an electrical box in a busy downtown business district, locals panicked. The suspicious package could have been a bomb. The authorities agreed and called in their bomb squad. The streets were taped off. But the situation was unfolding too slowly for one man, and he stepped in to “defuse the situation.”

The bag was first reported to police shortly after 7am Monday, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The bomb squad arrived and meticulously dealt with the danger. The attached a line to the bag and drug it into the middle of an intersection to prevent damage to the nearby buildings.

The streets were blocked off, which may have angered one man. Witnesses at the scene say the man said “I’m going to defuse this situation” and hoped on his bicycle.

The video shows him riding out into the street on his bike.

He quickly jumped off and opened the bag.

It didn’t explode. The man began dumping contents from inside onto the street.

The police, though, weren’t pleased with the man’s antics and they let him know.

He was arrested and taken into custody for reckless behavior.

The video below is the best angle on the take-down.

Because this is 2018, there are many other witness videos of the incident.

Listening to the reactions of the onlookers is almost as amusing as the take-down itself.

Everyone seemed confused by the man’s actions. As soon as the suspicious package stopped being a threat, the mental state of the cyclist became a hot topic of discussion.

Source: The Tribunist

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