Couples conducting pranks on one another is nothing new. One husband decided he was going to deliver the mother of all pranks with a simple premise: Make his wife think she was dead or a vampire after not showing up in a Polaroid picture they took together. The latter could have been possible since she is allergic to garlic.

“To set the stage: I come in wearing my wife’s Christmas PJs. She starts laughing at me. I ask her to take two Polaroid pictures of me. She grabs the film, opens the box (important detail), and loads it into the camera. She was laughing pretty hard at how ridiculous I looked. I sit next to her and say, “let’s take a picture together.”

The two end up taking a photo and wait for it to develop. After it was developed, the wife wasn’t in the picture. His wife blurts out, “That’s super weird, we were touching noses. How did you miss me!?”

The two chalk it up to being a faulty mechanism that caused the wife to not appear in a picture they just took. The husband points the camera right towards his wife on the bed, and again, she is not showing up in the picture.

The wife, who is flabbergasted at this point, asked her husband: “Am I dead?! Am I dreaming?! Am I a vampire?!” Dumbfounded, she grabs the camera from her husband and begins turning it every which way.

The husband tries to lighten the mood by saying, “There isn’t a ‘remove wife from this photo’ option on a Polaroid, Sarah! How would I be doing this?! Here take a selfie.”

Once she snapped the selfie picture she began to see a fuzzy image appear showing her. Still puzzled, the wife takes a picture of her husband, and, again, he appears instantly without the graininess.

After having his fun with her, the husband decides enough is enough and spills the beans on his ingenious prank. The wife went out to dinner with friends and the husband and their 3-year-old son were left alone.

He had his son take the pictures that he would later replicate with his wife. To help conceal that he had tampered with the camera, the husband reloaded the already-taken images and put them into the polaroid.

Every time she took the photos, the previous photos he did with his son were the ones coming out as if they were just taken.

The proud husband couldn’t hide his pleasure at his ingenuity and ended his online post with: “I honestly didn’t think it would get as far as it did… My wife, as a grown woman, thought she was dead or a vampire for a solid 5 seconds.”

Source: The Tribunist

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