While most people only encounter mass-produced shoes during their lifetime, there are still a number of companies that produce high-fashion pairs by hand. This allows the fit to be customized and each detail to be examined, resulting in a truly inspiring design made from some of the highest quality materials available.

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The process is incredibly involved, taking a significant amount of time and dedication.

Typically, it begins with the creation of a form, some of which are hand-carved from pieces of wood using a variety of hand tools.

Once the form is constructed, a pattern is cut out on pieces of paper

Next, the pattern is used to create guidelines to follow when they later cut out the material used to construct the shoe. The paper is wrapped around the form, and the design is sketched out.

The updated pattern is used to serve as an outline when placed on the selected material, such as a piece of high-quality leather.

Each of the resulting pieces is sewn together, creating the initial structure.

Details are added as the process continues, such as holes for laces.

The shoe is carefully shaped using a variety of tools, including hammers.

Often, the soles are also attached by hand.

Once everything is together, the soles and heels are shaped and buffed, and the surfaces are polished.

The end result is truly something to behold, especially after seeing the amount of work that is required to complete each pair.

Source: The Tribunist

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