“If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace!” That was the message from protestors last night as  Department of Homeland Security secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was driven out of a MEXICAN restaurant where she was having dinner. The event seemed well organized caught the secretary completely by surprise.

This is just the latest volley in the war over immigration.

“The protesters descended on MXDC Cocina Mexicana by Todd English,” The Daily Mail writes, “where Nielsen was dining with a male colleague just hours after Donald Trump praised her for doing a ‘fabulous job’ at Sunday’s press conference.”

“Secretary Nielsen how dare you spend your evening here eating dinner,” one protestor yelled.

“You’re complicit in the separation and deportation of over 10,000 children separated from their parents.”

“If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace! Not in DC, not in the US!” they chanted.

The group of protestors noted the apparent irony in Nielson’s dining choice, as many of the immigrants at the center of the new debate are Mexicans.

“How can you eat a Mexican dinner as you’ve deported tens of thousands of people seeking asylum in the United States?” one protestor asks.

But there were more pressing demands, too. “We call on you to end family separation and abolish ICE.”

The protesters are believed to be part of the Democratic Socialists of America’s DC Chapter. ,

Nielsen didn’t interact with them. Instead, she looked at her phone. Yet the chats of “End family separation!” continued.

“No human being is illegal!” the then sang. “No child is illegal! No borders, no walls, sanctuary for all!”

“Have you listened to it?” a woman asked about the audio that emerged this week of Border Patrol agents laughing at the kids who are being taken from their mothers. “Do you hear the babies crying?”

“How many more kids are you going to lock up?’ another protester asks. ‘How do you sleep at night?”

“Kirstjen Nielsen will want you to think that we’re ruining your dinner,” a woman yells.

“She’s the secretary of DHS, ICE rips children apart from their families every day. They lock them up in cages, they sleep under those silver blankets that you guys get at marathons.”

“These kids will never be reunited with their parents because Kirstjen Nielsen’s staff doesn’t think it’s necessary to make a plan to reunite them with their parents.”

“We are here tonight because DHS Secretary Nielsen is sitting right over there, trying to enjoy dinner as over 10,000 children have been ripped from their parents’ arms,” one man yells.

“We say, you can’t enjoy dinner until you reunite all of those families and abolish ICE.”

Eventually, Nielsen and the man leave and get into a van outside the restaurant.

The Secret Service and police reportedly arrived soon after.

Nielsen’s spokesman Tyler Q Houlton released a statement Tuesday evening.

“Sec. Nielsen encourages all – including this group – who want to see an immigration system that works, contributes to our economy, protects our security, & reflects our values reach out to Members & seek their support to close immigration loopholes that made our system a mess.”

Source: The Tribunist

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