Everyone has the right to self-defense. When three men broke into a house and began looting it, the homeowners exercised their right to defend themselves. As it happened, the burglars had picked a house that was occupied by drug dealers who were ready to fight. The security camera footage below captures the gunfight, and the confusion when the shooting started.

“The footage,released Friday by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office,” Fox 10 Phoenix writes, was taken inside a home on Burgess Hill Drive just after midnight on March 27.  It shows three people snooping around the living room, before flashes of gunfire startle them.”

Two of the men are armed with long guns. One appears to be an AK-47 of some sort. The other is a shotgun. As the men ransack the room, it draws the attention of the drug dealers, who opened fire.

“The loud shots echo through the video, drowning out the suspects’ frantic shuffling.”

Chaos ensues. The intruders don’t seem sure of which way the gunfire is coming from. There are two strings of shots, and both light up the room. The sound must have also added to the confusion as the men run from one end to the other trying to find a way out, and, at the same time, trying not to get shot.

One of the men even hides for a moment, by balling himself up beside the bed. Here you can just see the tip of his black mask at the left side of the screen.

“The trio rush to finish ransacking the room and at least one of them appears to return fire,” Fox reports.

The incident took a twist when “deputies responded to the scene and say they found a kilogram of marijuana, two guns, and a “large sum” of cash.

Even though they were the victims of the attack, the four people that were in the house when the deputies arrived were arrested on drug charges. The three intruders are still at large.

Source: The Tribunist

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