Homeless people often looked down upon for one reason or another. Some feel they cheat the system, begging for money rather than working for it. Others have preconceived stereotypes that all of the homeless are drug addicts or drunks. One group of homeless, however, doesn’t care what people think and created their own solution to their lack of housing.

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A group of Seattle vagrants recently erected a self-proclaimed “tent mansion,” which is located near the iconic Space Needle. The homeless community is actually surrounded by multi-million dollar mansions and high-rise buildings.

“We’ve got the doors, the couch, the table,” said Melissa Burns, a homeless member  of the recently created community. “We’ve got the living room here, which is a mess right now because we’re still constructing, but we’re puttin’ up the vinyl to cover it up, make it more attractive.”

The Space Needle, which is a large tourist attraction in the city, is now dealing with the eyesore that is mere blocks away. The “mansion” is made up of various pieces of wood and coverings.

As might be expected, residents of the area have been complaining about the homeless community that was seemingly erected overnight. One woman who works near the area spoke to Fox News to express her disdain.

“It’s certainly an eyesore. But I don’t think they have a lot of options,” Lou Bequette said. “So, I guess they gotta do what they gotta do.”

The city of Seattle says they’re making sure those within the homeless community are following the rules of the city.

A city spokesman, Will Lemke, said there are regular mental health checks and safety checks. Those workers who do wellness checks have done their best to try and get the group to move to a less populated area.

Many of the makeshift community say they only plan to stay there for a few months.

Currently, there are no plans to remove the “mansion community” even though there have been countless complaints. “It is a form of protest,” Burns told Q13 News. “We’re staking a claim. We’re refusing to cower in our tents.”

Source: The Tribunist

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