The Porty-Potty isn’t known for its aerodynamic qualities. The heavy base of liquid and other materials often keeps them comfortably rooted. Yet, as the video below shows, they are capable of astounding aerobatics. The spectators watching from below would have been more amused, if they hadn’t been showered with the contents of the Johnny-on-the-spot.

“People were forced to dive for cover after a huge blast of wind whipped through a park in Commerce City,” The Daily Mail writes. “Liquid from the Porta Potty spilled out of the cabin as the portable plastic toilets swirled in the air.”

On the ground, pedestrians struggled to hold each other down. The debris flying through the air created a very dangerous situation.

Consider the portable toilets. What goes up, as they say…. They came down, violently.

While the falling excrement must have been a nuisance, the falling toilets could have proven fatal.

Some people tried to anchor objects, like the tent, with their weight before realizing that the wind gusts were too much for them to handle.

“The freak wind comes months after a 58-year-old 6ft4 Denver man was thrown into the air in a freak Colorado Springs windstorm, putting him into a coma,” Daily Mail notes.

“Joseph Boyer was slammed hard onto the pavement and spent two weeks in a coma suffering a bleed on the brain, bruised organs, fractured ribs and blood clots.  He died two weeks later.”

The winds are not uncommon, though it is uncommon to see such violent gusts.

Source: The Tribunist

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