Drug use has spiked and in March President Trump ordered a State of Emergency on the opioid epidemic that has plagued America for the better part of a decade. Some countries don’t have the luxury of relying on government intervention, so, instead, they rely on law enforcement to take drugs off the street.

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A prime example of a law enforcement crackdown was recorded by video as SWAT stormed a suspected drug house in Poland, a country that has been plagued by drugs, resulting in a countrywide focus on drug users and sellers.

CCTV footage shows one of these crackdowns which results in a naked man jumping off the roof in an attempt to escape. The footage shows 100 SWAT officers storming a suspected drug house.

As the officers beat down the door, a man is seen jumping off the roof. He has no clothes on and has multiple distinguishable tattoos.

Once the nude man hit the ground he doesn’t try and get up and flee — instead he lays in agonizing pain as the SWAT officers realize he had jumped off the roof and was laying right behind them. The suspect seemingly misjudged how far he could jump without hurting himself.

The officers can be seen coming over and placing him in handcuffs. According to the Daily Mail, the unnamed suspect had barricaded himself inside the residence and proceeded to the roof as SWAT made their way into the home.

The suspect suffered a minor hand and leg injury. SWAT provided first aid before taking him to the jail.

Since starting the drug crackdown, SWAT and anti-drug officers have successfully raided 34 homes in Warsaw, which has effectively taken thousands of drugs off the street.

A spokesperson for the Warsaw Police Department, Sylwester Marczak, was extremely happy with the progress they have made to get drugs off the streets. “Since the investigation started a year ago, more than 100 people have been interviewed, of whom 60 have been arrested.”

Source: The Tribunist

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