On a flight on Wednesday, a huge commotion started after an American Airlines flight attendant refused to serve a male passenger more beer. Video footage of the incident was recorded by another person on the flight. The passenger, identified as Jason Felix, became agitated by the flight attendant’s refusal, though federal law prohibits providing alcohol to intoxicated travelers.

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The incident took place on a flight from St. Croix to Miami, according to a report by the Miami Herald.

“You need to please sit down,” said the flight attendant. “I’m not bringing you more beers.”

“We will be there in an hour,” he continued. “Why do you have this attitude? You had a couple of beers.”

“You’re my bartender?” asked Felix.

“Yes, I’m your bartender,” said the attendant.

Prior to the incident, according to the criminal complaint, the flight attendant believed Felix was drunk. Earlier, he heard the man going through compartments in the aircraft’s lavatory. When a flight attendant assisted Felix while he was exiting the bathroom, Felix referred to the attendant by a derogatory term.

Once he was denied more beer, Felix began shouting. Several other passengers intervened, attempting to calm Felix, but he refused, stating, “No, I’m not going to relax!” as he banged on an overhead compartment.

Felix threatened to kill one of the other passengers and even spit blood on him. A fight broke out, and several individuals got involved trying to pull the men apart as punches were thrown.

According to Bill Bolduc, the passenger that filmed the incident, the event carried on for over an hour. Even after the altercation stopped, the men continued being disruptive.

“Hitting the chair, swearing, yelling at other passengers, spitting at people at some point,” said Bolduc.

Law enforcement was ultimately contacted, and Felix was removed from the plane by four Miami-Dade police officers before being handed over to the FBI.

Bolduc posted footage from the flight on YouTube in five separate videos.

“The flight attendants were very professional and handled a bad situation the best they could. It could have quickly escalated even further if the [flight attendants] didn’t maintain their composure,” Bolduc wrote on YouTube as a comment. “At one point, there was discussion of diverting the aircraft and landing before Miami but we made it there without additional people being hurt.”

Source: The Tribunist

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