Fitness expert Jillian Michaels criticized the media for glorifying obese singer Lizzo’s weight.

Michaels was asked by BuzzFeed about the idea of celebrating Lizzo’s “body positivity.”  Michaels responded by suggesting there should be some sort of middle ground in which people don’t disparage others for their weight but at the same time people acknowledge that obesity leads to deadly diseases such as diabetes.

“Why are we celebrating her body?” asked Michaels. “Why does it matter? That’s what I’m saying. Like, why aren’t we celebrating her music?”

In response, Lizzo posted a video on her Instagram, saying that the internet has affected her emotional health.

After facing criticism from “woke” liberals on social media, Michaels defended her comments in a video interview with TMZ, re-stating her scientifically-backed claim that obesity is a dangerous gateway to chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

“I’m a health expert,” said Michaels. “For decades I had said repeatedly that your weight and your size have no bearing or merit on your value, your beauty, your worth, your ability. Where does have relevance is your health.”

Michaels continued, “And to pretend that it doesn’t is not only irresponsible, it’s dangerous. And it’s just not a lie I’m willing to tell because it’s politically correct that. I just won’t do it.”


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