Big Tech companies are waging a war against conservative voices.

YouTube currently restricts over 200 PragerU videos, labeling them, at times, as “dangerous” and “derogatory” content.

Facebook deleted Prager U’s videos, limited its reach, and is even threatening to unpublish its page. Twitter also banned PragerU from advertising and locked the account for simply sharing information that counters the mainstream media narrative. Spotify has also banned PragerU from advertising, and LinkedIn deleted its videos.

PragerU has millions of followers on social media and is reaching millions of young people every single day.

But it’s clear: Big Tech doesn’t want people to hear ideas that don’t fit the Left’s narrative.

Help PragerU fight back by signing the petition to stop the bias perpetuated by social media platforms.

CLICK here to sign the petition – and send this article to every conservative patriot you know!

We need to FIGHT for our freedom!!!

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