Watching a child grow up can be bittersweet for parents. Most attempt to capture the major moments in the child’s lives, but one filmmaker took it to the next level by filming his daughter once a week for 18 years. He took the footage and created an amazing time-lapse video, chronicling how his daughter changed since being born in 1999.

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Frans Hofmeester, a Dutch filmmaker, came up with a beautiful way to document how his daughter, Lotte, changes as she grew up.

He began his project not long after Lotte was born on October 28, 1999, according to a report by the Daily Mail, and made sure that each image was shot in the same style to keep the final video consistent.

On his website, Hofmeester wrote: “I filmed Lotte every week from the moment she was born. She was changing at such a rapid pace that I felt the need to document the way she looked, to keep my memories intact.”

After collecting the footage, Hofmeester edited the clips to create a single time-lapse video and shared his creation on YouTube.

Hofmeester, who is also crafting a similar video of his son, Vince, admitted that his children weren’t always enthusiastic about taking part in the project.

The resulting video, which was accelerated to make its total length under six minutes, has been viewed over 3.9 million times since being posted on YouTube on October 27, 2017.

Source: The Tribunist

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