Facebook has deleted the viral 1.9 million member group ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!‘ for a second time.

The official Parler account for the Facebook group posted the news.

“This is a Patriot Red Alert.  Facebook has deleted our 1.9 million member group ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!’ for a second time.

“We got the group back on Monday…and now 2 days later, they deleted it again!!!

“Everyone needs to follow us here on Parler right now and visit our website www.JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident.news


The Scoop reported on Friday that the group was deleted at 1.7 million members without any explanation or warning given by Facebook.

Following many articles from conservative media publishers criticizing Facebook for deleting the group, the group was reinstated by Facebook on Monday.

The group gained more than 200,000 new members since it was republished on Monday.

Now, the group has been deleted once again, following attacks by far-left radicals on social media.

A woman named Sarah Emerson, who writes for the unpopular online website OneZero, wrote an article pushing a slanderous conspiracy theory that the ‘Joe Biden Is Not My President!’ Facebook group is to blame for the protests at the US Capitol on Wednesday.

The group has absolutely nothing to do with the protests.


Another female radical leftist who identifies as “Lea Galileo” posted several tweets claiming responsibility for reporting the group to Facebook.

In one tweet, Galileo wrote, “Facebook is full of shit! I was hiding out in a fb group, “Joe Biden is not my PRESIDENT” with over 1.8million members. For days the members were saying they were “locked and loaded” and going to DC on 01/06 to “stop the steal”. I reported violent comments but fb deemed them ok.”


In another tweet, Galileo falsely blamed the group for planning for the DC protests.

“Yet Facebook allowed the group with 1.8 million members to plan this for the past week…several groups called “Joe Biden is not my President” is where a lot of this planning went. FB denied almost all of my reports in those groups.”



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