When you put a “flamethrower” up for sale, having a robust set of terms and conditions isn’t unexpected. The one available from The Boring Company, a business owned by Elon Musk, is certainly no exception. A set of lawyer-approved terms and conditions were released for the product, which is technically a torch and “not-a-flamethrower,” and they are surprisingly humorous.

Usually, terms and conditions are incredibly dry, filled with legalese that leaves many people scratching their heads. This has led many to not fully read the terms and conditions for products or services they purchase, though the ones released by The Boring Company are worth reviewing.

The “Not-a-Flamethrower Terms and Conditions” start with a warning, stating, “I understand that I will be checking a lot of boxes while agreeing to these terms and conditions.”

It also features a poem, which reads: “I will not use this in a house. I will not point this at my spouse. I will not use this in an unsafe way. The best use is crème brulee…”

“…and that exhausts our rhyming ability.”

“I understand The Boring Company isn’t responsible for anything I do, no matter how genius or stupid,” the terms and conditions state. It is followed by a list of areas where the person cannot hold the company responsible, which includes, “harming others,” “setting things on fire,” “burning things to the ground,” “smoking near the not-a-flamethrower,” putting anything flammable near the not-a-flamethrower,” and “showing off to my friends or romantic interests.”

There is another checkbox for an additional requirement, which says, “I will not use the not-a-flamethrower if it’s damaged.”

Then, there is a statement about the shipping of the product, which reads: “I understand that The Boring Company isn’t responsible if the carrier loses or is late delivering my not-a-flamethrower. I under that is something crazy happens (Earthquake! Flood! Act of God!) that prevents me from receiving my not-a-flamethrower, The Boring Company isn’t liable for it. (But if something goes wrong, let us know and we’ll make it right.)”

There is also a caveat that informs buyers that they “can’t resell the not-a-flamethrower.” The terms and conditions also assert that there are “no refunds or exchanges if I receive the not-a-flamethrower and I’m not that into it.”

The Boring Company also shows appreciation for those who complete the task, stating, “Thanks for filling out this boring form,” at the end.

Source: The Tribunist

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