America’s Got Talent is a both the name of the show and its guiding philosophy. There are some talented Americans–no surprise. But when an elderly couple came on to showcase their dance moves, no one expected this. The pair had a choreographed routine that lit up the audience and shocked the judges.

“Married couple Celina, 64, and Filiberto, 70, of Cuba performed a raunchy routine to Jason Derulo’s Talk Dirty To Me during the show’s June 5 episode,” The Daily Mail writes, “which left some judges enthralled by the seemingly unassuming married couple and others uncomfortable by their dirty dancing.”

And it was an over the top routine, at least by the standards of their age group.

“Their audition started with the loving pair standing on the stage hand-in-hand and giving each other a peck on the lips,” DM adds. “Filiberto even got a little emotional and started to tear up, which the judges chalked up to simply being ‘with the woman he loves’.”

And then it began. From the opening bars of the song, it was evident this wouldn’t be another waltz.

Mel B wasn’t pleased with the routine. It seemed like her sensibilities were shaken. “Some things should just be done in private,” she said after.

“I pray I’m going to be that lucky when I get old to find someone to do that with, I really do,” Heidi Klum said.

Simon Cowell was even complimentary. “I like things I get surprised by. You surprised me,” he said.

They surprised just about everyone.

Source: The Tribunist

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