There have been very few happy stories concerning the airline industry lately, so this one stands out. A girl on a flight across the country saw a man in distress. He is deaf and blind, and she knew sign language. When his anxiety got the better of him, she stepped in and helped to calm him down.

Now the man she helped is calling her an angel.

“When Tim Cook boarded the Alaska Airlines flight from Boston to Portland last week,” The Daily Mail writes, “the flight crew tried their best to ensure he was comfortable and well looked after.”

The flight crew, though, were not able to communicate well with Cook. After they ran into difficulties, they asked the passengers if anyone knew sign language.

Clara Daly answered the call.

“Showing maturity beyond her years, the 15-year-old sat and aided Mr Cook for close to six hours on their interstate flight, as other passengers watched on in amazement,” DM notes.

Cook told reporters after the flight: “She’s an angel.”

Lynette Scribner chronicled the event on Facebook.

“I saw this man, Tim, in Boston’s Logan airport with the sister he’d been visiting… it appeared he was both deaf and blind,” she posted.

“The attendants sincerely wanted to assist him, but had no way to communicate. I watched as they didn’t flinch when he reached out to touch their faces and arms.”

“That’s when this lovely young woman came into the picture. 15 years old, she learned ASL because she had dyslexia and it was the easiest foreign language for her to learn.”

“It was fascinating to watch as she signed one letter at a time into his hand.”

Daly herself is taking the incident in stride.

“For the last hour of the flight we just were talking, having a conversation about life,” she said.

“They call you extraordinary but it’s just something that you do. He took such joy in a conversation that we take for granted.”

The moment has gotten her a lot of attention, yet Daly seems unshaken. She showed a tremendous amount of compassion, and was composed well beyond her years.

Source: The Tribunist

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