It is better to ask for forgiveness than permission, the old adage says. Sometimes, though, it isn’t. One motorist learned that lesson the hard way. After getting pulled over for going 120 miles per hour, he had the gumption to ask the cop if he could get off with a warning instead of a ticket. That’s didn’t go over well.

Instead the Indiana State Police officer hauled the driver off to jail. The man had been driving 120 in a 60 mph. He was also in a construction zone. So he had good reason to want a warning.

Communications officer Sgt. John Perrine wrote about the encounter on Twitter. He seems to have a decent sense of humor, as he explained the event with the help of some emojis and the appropriate hashtag #DontDriveLikeAKnucklehead.

“Trooper Nick Klingkammer was on patrol in his unmarked Ford Mustang when he spotted the scofflaw flying down I-69 in an Infiniti Q60 sports coupe,” Fox writes.

“The Indiana State Police has a fleet of undercover Ford Mustangs like this one, which was involved in a separate law enforcement action.”

Not all of the reaction was positive.

The driver asked for some leniency, though, and Klingkammer took him to jail.

The penalty the driver is facing is intense in its own right. He could be sentenced to as many 365 days in jail. He could also face a fine of $5,000. Perhaps he’ll be given some credit for time served.

Source: The Tribunist

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