A retired Marine Corps bomb technician, John (Joey) Jones, lost both of his legs after stepping on an IED in 2010 in Afghanistan. His injuries and recovery require regular medical follow-up. Yet the treatment he’s been receiving lately highlight the very well publicized issues that are plaguing the current VA system. After his latest run in with the bureaucracy, he tweeted about his treatment.

“After a 5hr wait I was turned away form @AtlantaVAMC at 2:30am this morning without treatment or explanation. Here’s what happened…” Jones begins.

What follows is a description of just one visit. Jones has been moving from private treatment into the VA system, but after 18 Months, he still hasn’t been assigned a primary care physician.

Making the switch from a private insurer to the VA means navigating the bureaucracy.

Most patients know you don’t the emergency room to get a new script, but when that’s what the VA tells you to do…

Following their instructions, he went. And he waited.

At this point, it would be obvious that his needs didn’t qualify as an emergency in the traditional sense. Yet no one would give him the correct information.

So he continued to wait.

There’s a new doctor coming on, though–so the problem will finally get resolved, right?

“Jones said he was told he could refill a prescription he needed at the VA’s emergency room before an upcoming appointment,” Fox writes.

“I’ve since learned you don’t go to an emergency room for that. … It has been a disinformation campaign and that’s been the biggest problem,” Jones added.

Here’s the interview Jones did with Fox after the incident.

Source: The Tribunist

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