When a concerned citizen saw what appeared to be a woman releasing two small children from dog kennels located in the trunk of a car, they quickly reached for their cell phone and filmed the incident. After capturing the footage, the video made it into the hands of law enforcement, leading the woman, identified as Leimome Cheeks, to be arrested.

The video was filmed in Memphis, Tennessee on Saturday, according to a report by the Daily Mail. Cheeks, 62, can be seen releasing two of your grandchildren from dog kennels, which were located in the trunk of her vehicle.

After local law enforcement viewed the footage of the disturbing incident, Cheeks was arrested. Both of the children, ages seven and eight, were interviewed by police officers after the arrest.

The children claimed that Cheeks told them that there wasn’t enough room in the passenger section of the vehicle for them to sit safely in the seats.

Cheeks’ grandchildren also complained about the temperature in the vehicle, stating it was hot during the drive. The children said that the car was without air conditioning and that Cheeks left the windows rolled up as they traveled.

On Saturday, the temperature in Memphis was in the mid-90’s.

After her arrest, Cheeks admitted to driving the children around in the kennels as they traveled between Whitehaven and Collierville, which is approximately a 35-minute drive.

Neighbors stated that kennels were in the vehicle because Cheeks recently purchased two German Shepherd puppies.

After learning of the incident, those who know Cheeks claimed they were shocked.

Skylar Blake referred to Cheeks as “a nice lady” during an interview and asserted that he “can’t see her doing that.”

Eugene Richmond, another neighbor, described the incident as “out of character for her,” and suggesting that something may be “going on with her” and that Cheeks may need “some help.”

Cheeks has been charged with two counts of child endangerment. The police investigation is ongoing.

Source: The Tribunist

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