Retired NBA legend Dennis Rodman appeared on CNN during the recent talks between the United States and North Korea. The unofficial ambassador seemed genuinely moved by news of the summit’s success, and broke down in tears during his interview. Rodman, who was not officially invited to the talks, claims his efforts are why this new peace is possible.

Rodman was showing his support for President Trump with his “Make America Great Again” hat, during his interview with CNN.

“In my heart and soul, when I first went to North Korea, I was very honored to be selected to go there,” Rodman said.

“Once I went to North Korea I didn’t really understand what the whole situation was as far as being over there.”

“When I met Kim Jong-un, I didn’t know what to expect…but once I got to know the culture over there I felt at home.”

The interview was an odd choice for CNN, and it took an even stranger tone when Rodman bashed former President Barack Obama.

“It’s a great day. I am here to see it. I’m so happy,” Rodman said. “And Obama did not give me the time of day.”

He even had death threats after his first meeting with Kim.

“I had to hide out, I couldn’t even go home,” Rodman said. “I took all those bullets. Everyone came at me and I’m still standing.”

What began as a charity basketball game in North Korea turned into something much larger.

“I fell in love with the country,” Rodman said.

“The people of North Korea have a heart, have soul, charisma, and they love each other.”

“This guy wants to be around the world,” he said. “He wants to come to America and enjoy his life. He wants his people to enjoy his life.”

“We have really put ourselves on the line to reach out to North Korea and they have been so gracious to me, my family and the United States. So let’s make this happen. If Trump can pull this off, more power to him.”

Despite his work in the country, and his presence in Singapore, White House officials have said Rodman is not playing an official role in the negotiations.

Source: The Tribunist

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