It has been a hard summer for bears. The oppressive heat of dry summer months make it difficult for bears to forage. With the food shortage limiting resources, bears have to increase their ranges, and that puts them in contact with humans. And sometimes, as the video below shows, their cars.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office in California is familiar with bears. Lake Tahoe is an ursine paradise. Yet that doesn’t stop some enterprising bears from taking advantage of tourists, and their cars, as this bruin did.

The bear opened the Subaru Outback, crawled inside, and then the door closed behind it. While it was easy to get in, getting out proved more difficult. The bear then ravaged the inside of the car. Reports say that the interior was so badly damaged that the doors would no longer unlock.

A deputy, responding to the situation, broke the window. The moment appears to have been understandably tense. The bear inside the car was scared.

When the glass shattered, the bear slid trough the open window and scarpered. It appeared to be a black bear, probably in the 200 +/- range.

This is hardly the first Subaru to be visited by a bear. A quick search for “bear” and “Subaru” turns up occurrences from California, Colorado, and even the Appalachian regions of the Northeast.

This is not the only bear story out of Tahoe this week. Another bear broke into a house near the lake looking for food.

The creature appeared at the window, and like any good burglar, cased the joint.

The window proved no match for the hungry bear, and he let himself in. At first he seemed content with the dishes in the sink, but then moved all the way into the kitchen.

Bears are nocturnal, though, and the fact that this break-in occurred in daylight hours shows the animal’s desperation. Their attempts at foraging are forcing them out of their more isolated ranges and out of their typical feeding patterns.

Source: The Tribunist

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