10 people were killed over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, with 39 others wounded in what is being called by some as a “monumental disaster.”

This past weekend marked the deadliest Memorial Day weekend Chicago has seen since 2015, when 12 people were killed.

On the unofficial first day of summer, Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown announced a new strategy to try and combat the increase in violence Chicago has come to see. Brown announced there will be an uptick in police presence and patrolling, as well as the breaking up of large crowds that may gather.

“We’d like to educate people, but at that same time those who promote large gatherings will take enforcement and we’s just like people to comply,” Brown said.

Violence Interrupters Inc., which deals in gang mitigation, spoke at CPD headquarters about the deadly holiday weekend, calling police efforts a “monumental failure.” Violence Interrupters Inc. called for the city to use violence prevention experts to try and mediate between young adults in order to prevent deadly situations like those that occurred over Memorial Day weekend.

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Tio Hardiman, President and CEO of Violence Interrupters Inc., said on Tuesday, “It’s time to bring forth a new model. You have a new mayor, a new superintendent, it’s time to implement a new model right now.”

Despite the catastrophic levels of gun violence and murder that took place over Memorial Day weekend, valuable Chicago police resources were focused on arresting people for violating Democrat Mayor Lightfoot’s “social distancing” coronavirus orders. Mayor Lightfoot, responding to a video that went viral on social media of Chicago police arresting people who were celebrating Memorial Day, tweeted, “I have seen a widely shared video of an incident in the 007th District. We will continue to investigate the incident to ensure proper tactics were used—ensuring constitutional rights are protected—and that CPD officers are wearing face coverings to maintain public health.”

Mayor Lightfoot’s Twitter profile name includes the hashtag #StayHomeSaveLives, in reference to her ineffective coronavirus social distancing policy.


The video was also viewed by Chance the Rapper, a Chicago native, who tweeted, “Yo I seen HUNDREDS of ppl at millennium park and and pics of even more at the parks on the north side. Outside, no masks, no social distancing, enjoying themselves. Please stop sending large groups of militarized police into our neighborhoods exclusively”


Mayor Lightfoot also tweeted about how social distancing violations were happening all over every neighborhood, not just the one seen in the viral video of 68th and Halsted.

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“And let me emphasize: no matter which neighborhood. Last night alone, police responded to dozens of reports of social distancing violations in every part of Chicago: everywhere from Lincoln Park to Humboldt Park to Andersonville to Auburn Gresham.”


Despite tweeting or retweeting over two-dozen times about COVID-19 or “social distancing” since May 25, Mayor Lightfoot has not once tweeted about the 10 people who were murdered nor the 39 others who were shot and wounded over Memorial Day weekend, as of the time of this writing on May 28.

Chance the Rapper also retweeted a tweet from Twitter user Chris, (@Sigma_Chris) featuring a headline from an article on Book Club Chicago that read, “Chicago Police Only Arrested People For Social Distancing Violations On The South And West Sides, Data Shows”. The caption reads, “Of the adults arrested, nearly every person was Black. Most of the social distancing citations were issued in majority-Black and Latino Neighborhoods Too.”


“I can tell you, based upon the statistics we’ve been keeping now for weeks, those dispersal orders are happening all over the city. Yes, in white areas, in Latinx areas, in monied areas of the city,” Lightfoot said of Chance the Rapper’s claims that social distancing is only being enforced in African-American neighborhoods.

“Why the media doesn’t report that with equal interest — well, I think there’s probably some answers to that. But the reality is that the Chicago Police Department is active and engaged all over the city and doing it with an eye toward equity. And I would have it no other way as mayor of this city,” Lightfoot added.

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Chicago Police Superintendent Brown explained on Tuesday during a press conference that he would be implementing a Summer Mobile Team that will be rolling out even more police to patrol the streets of Chicago.

Mayor Lightfoot held Superintendent Brown personally responsible for the Memorial Day weekend violence, calling it a “bloodbath”. This marks the first time Lightfoot has criticized her handpicked superintendent on his strategies to fight unprecedented crime in the city.

“We have to do better. We cannot have weekends in the summer turn into a bloodbath. And this weekend’s violence was out of control,” Lightfoot stated. “While I know that there was a lot of energy and coordination among a variety of groups, what I said to the superintendent this morning is, ‘This was a fail. Whatever the strategy is, it didn’t work.’”

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Superintendent Brown responded to the mayor’s criticism by attributing the increase in murder on the state’s “stay-at-home” order, saying, “The stay-at-home order did little to prevent violence, particularly in parts of the West and South sides. These incidents primarily involved disputes between rival gang factions as well as clashes involving the sale of illegal drugs.”

Brown added, “The effects of the coronavirus also go beyond hospitalizations. People are feeling restless after being cooped up for weeks.”

Mayor Lightfoot also blamed the rise in violent crimes on a lack of federal agents, the jail turnover rate, and the courts taking on fewer criminal cases due to the coronavirus.

“Federal agents … have been on the sidelines for weeks. That’s a problem. We have the courts that really aren’t taking a lot of criminal cases. That’s a problem. We have the jails that are effectively closed to new persons. So we have officers risking life and limb and arresting people who are absolute drivers of violence and they’re cycling in and out of the.. court system in 24-to-48 hours,” Lightfoot said.

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