After police shot and killed Stephon Clark, the debate about police brutality gained new momentum. The protestors took to the streets and to the halls of politics. At one recent gathering, a sheriff’s deputy reportedly rammed into a protestor. What preceded the incident is still not known.

Clark was shot on March 18th. Police in Sacramento had received reports of a man breaking widows on cars. The man was spotted by a police helicopter. He ran through backyards, and jumped at least one fence, before arriving at his grandmother’s house.

The are was poorly lit, and the two officers on the ground were trying to communicate with Clark from behind the cover offered by the corner of the house. When they mistook his cell phone for a gun, and when Clark moved toward them, the police fired. Each officer fired 10 rounds.

Since that moment, protests have grown. It was at one of these protests Saturday night that a woman was struck by a deputy’s vehicle.

Wanda Cleveland, 61, is “a regular attendee at City Council meetings” The State Hornet reports.

“He never even stopped,” the newspaper quoted Ms. Cleveland as saying. “It was a hit-and-run. If I did that I’d be charged.”

Cleveland was taken to a local hospital, but later discharged.

Footage of the incident shows the vehicle moving, but the images are blurry and little can be seen. The voices of the other protestors, though, capture the moment.

“[A witness] says the woman was standing in front of the vehicle as protesters tried to break out the windows of the sheriffs Deputy’s vehicle,” says Sacramento reporter Bob Moffitt of Capital Public Radio News.

The Sheriff’s department has not yet released comments on the incident or confirmed that it was one of their vehicles involved.

Source: The Tribunist

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