On Tuesday, a silver Chevy Malibu jumped a curb, striking several pedestrians and ultimately crashing into a pole. The victims who were run over by the vehicle became trapped under the car, unable to free themselves. As they pleaded for help, a group of bystanders formed around the scene, using their combined effort to free the trapped pedestrians.

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The incident took place in Washington, DC, and was captured on video by a dashcam in a nearby vehicle.

Passengers in the Malibu came stumbling out of the car, and one woman can be seen screaming as she checked on her son, who was in the backseat.

A trapped pedestrian can be seen flailing under the vehicle and screaming.

Around a dozen bystanders converged on the scene and together lift the rear end of the vehicle, freeing the victims who were pinned under the car.

Describing the incident, the woman in the passenger’s seat of the Malibu said, “I’m six months pregnant. We ran over people. Two women were stuck under the car.”

“I’m glad there were enough people out here to physically lift the car to get them from under it,” she added.

The crash was triggered when the driver of a pick-up truck cut off the Malibu as it made a left-hand turn, said police, according to a report by ABC News.

Source: The Tribunist

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