When Marc Daniels’ daughter began suffering from stage fright, the burly father-of-three didn’t just stand back and watch the situation unfold. Instead, he sprung into action, heading up to the stage and grabbing his daughter’s hand. He also did more than just stand there with her, and he quickly stole the show.

Video of the recital, taking place at Hamilton City Hall in Bermuda, surfaced online, showing Daniels rushing in to help one of his daughters during a dress rehearse for the event.

After getting on stage and grabbing the two-year-old child’s hand, Daniels began performing as well, pirouetting and posing along with the other dancers. He was also carrying his youngest daughter throughout his spontaneous performance.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, parents and teachers who witnessed Daniels’ actions began to giggle, undoubtedly amused by his efforts.

Before his daughter, Bella, took the stage, Daniels had been called to the wings to help calm her. She had started sobbing uncontrollably, a clear sign that she was worried about heading out on stage.

“Bella was very emotional and needed hugs from her daddy,” said Daniels.

“Despite having a tantrum, I can tell she wanted to stay on stage, and I didn’t want to discourage her before the big performance by making her be the only one to come off,” he continued.

“I walked on holding Suri and stood next to her, trying to help build her confidence,” Daniels added. “I told her I loved her and that she’s an amazing dancer.”

“I asked if she wanted to dance with daddy and she nodded, so I thought I’d join in.”

“I’ve practiced with them at home on many occasions,” Daniels admitted, “so it wasn’t unfamiliar to me.”

Daniels, a lawyer, wasn’t able to hide impressive performance from his coworkers.

“Jurors, police officers, and members of the prosecution have even been giving me twirls and plies as a token of appreciation for the video,” said Daniels.

“Even in court the other day, one of the magistrates made a comment about my moves that prompted the court to erupt into laughter.”

Daniels has even joked about a career change, stating, “Before having the girls, I don’t think I’d ever attempted any ballet moves before, but now everyone in Bermuda knows me for my toe-pointing.”

“Maybe it’s never too late to become a ballerina.”

Source: The Tribunist

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