After two recent incidents where NHL forward Brad Marchand licked his opponents, the league has issued him a warning to end the behavior. When reports of the conduct emerged, Bill Daly, the NHL deputy commissioner, asserted that they “will be communicating with the club,” adding, “We don’t expect it to happen again.”

On Friday night, according to a report by Bleacher Report, Marchand licked Ryan Callahan, a Tampa Bay Lightning forward. This incident occurred after he did the same thing to Leo Komarov, a Toronto Maple Leafs forward, during round one of the playoffs.

“I hope the league looks at it,” said Callahan. “I don’t know if there is discipline for pitting in someone’s face. But, for me, it’s worse, if not the same.”

Marchand isn’t expected to be punished for previous licking incidents, but could face “supplemental discipline” should he choose to exhibit “similar behavior” in the future, according to a tweet by NHL Public Relations.

“NHL’s Colin Campbell spoke with Boston’s Brad Marchand and GM Don Sweeney today,” said the tweet. “The League put the player on notice that his actions last night are unacceptable and similar behavior in the future will be dealt with by way of supplemental discipline.”

Jeremy Roenick, a former NHL player and NBC Sports analyst, chimed in on the incident on Twitter, saying, “There is no locking in hockey! Hahaha can’t believe I’m even saying that. I’d be so grossed out if Marchand licked me.”

Ultimately, the Tampa Bay Lightning knocked the Boston Bruins out of the playoffs during the second round, so Marchand won’t likely have any opportunities to lick his opponents until the next season begins.

Source: The Tribunist

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