Some parents can empathize with the emotional scope of this story. When kids are threatened, parents tend to get defensive. Psychologists will argue, endlessly, that humans don’t have instincts, yet there’s a biological switch that flips at times like these, as one bank robber in Sarasota, FL found out the hard way.


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Looking at the video footage might be the best way to understand what I mean. The encounter began when an armed robber entered a Bank of America in Sarasota back in 2011. He had, undoubtedly, conducted some version of planning. There would be alarms. There could possibly be an armed guard inside. But he clearly had not prepared for a father.


The 34-year-old brandished his gun and made the usual demands of the four tellers. Then he crossed a line, so to speak, and began menacing the customers in the bank. Two of those innocent bystanders were children.

The boys weren’t there alone. Their father, Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples, was there, too. When the robber threatened his boys, Ikaika and Kioni, Peoples had had enough.


“I’ve been through five deployments,” he told FOX News in Tampa Bay. “I’ve fought the Muqtada militia, everybody you can think of, so weapons getting pointed at me, it doesn’t really bother me anymore.”

In fact, the only reason wasn’t overseas fighting insurgents is because he was on leave to help take care of his ill father-in-law.

Peoples calm is incredible. Watch the bank footage, and check out how cool he is as he instructs his boys to hide under the chairs. He then moves larger furniture in front of them, and then steps between that furniture and the boys.


It could have ended there, when the robber took the money and left the building. But Peoples had already decided what needed to happen to the man who had threatened his kids. So he followed him out of the bank.

Peoples jumped in his truck and blocked the robber’s path of escape. When the man jumped out of his car and pointed the gun at Peoples, the solider took him down.


“I think I used a little profanity there,” Peoples said.

Poor bad guy. He didn’t stand a chance. He hadn’t even brought a real gun to the robbery. It turned out to be plastic.

Source: The Tribunist

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