Onlookers were astounded Tuesday night when the approach of police sirens turned out to be a not-so-high-speed chase. Even though the speeds were modest, the chase was no less dramatic, as it included a stolen M1068 armored personnel carrier. The treads of the vehicle kept its speed modest, but the vehicle proved hard to stop.

The chase began at Fort Pickett, in Virginia. Shortly before 10:00, the vehicle was on the streets of Richmond.

The vehicle stopped near the Virginia capital building. It is still unclear why it stopped there, but it is likely that it ran out of fuel. It had been running all out for close to two hours.

Fort Pickett, southwest of Richmond, is used for National Guard training. The Guard has not said if the driver is affiliated with the instillation or the Guard.

“State police said the vehicle was driven east on Route 460, and then north on Interstate 95.The distance over that route is about 60 miles,” Stars and Stripes writes. “The vehicle’s maximum speed during the trip was about 40 mph, the police said.”

When the police got wind that the vehicle appeared to have been taken for a joy ride, they picked up the pursuit. There was no good way for them to disable it, and the driver didn’t seem intent on wrecking anything or hurting anyone, so they simply escorted it on its run. In the end, the chase included a SWAT team, an armored vehicle, and even a helicopter.

“The vehicle appeared to be a model that was once used in front line combat but has since been replaced and employed mainly in support roles,” Stars and Stripes notes.

“State police said a man was taken into custody. The incident remained under investigation late Tuesday and no charges had been filed.”

“It sounds like he pretty much just stopped on his own accord,” State Police Sgt. Keeli Hilltold reporters. After stopping, the driver reportedly exited the vehicle and began walking around. Police sent in a K-9 and also tased him.

Source: The Tribunist

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