You expect fast service from most drive through windows, but maybe not this kind of service. A bystander in a car saw a robbery unfolding inside a restaurant when he pulled up to the drive through. He took matters into his own hands and shot the masked man inside the Cozy Corner Drive-In. Then he drove away.

“The balaclava-clad man was seen on security cameras demanding cash from Cozy Corner Drive-In in Santa Ana [California] early on Saturday night,” The Daily Mail writes.

“He had his hand inside his puffy jacket like he was carrying a gun to get workers to comply when several shots suddenly rang out.”

The incident didn’t end well for the robber.  When police arrived, they found a 60-year-old man with two bullet holes in his torso. He also had the $274 he stole. He hadn’t made it far, just outside the Cozy Corner, where he collapsed and was arrested.

Inside the store, the worker being robbed had no idea that the man was being watched, much less that he would be shot. She seems quite surprised by the gun shots. Bullets hit the window, counter, drink machines, and cash register.

There’s no word yet on the identity of the man who shot at the robber. The shooter drove off. Police are looking for a silver sedan, and may charge the driver with assault with a deadly weapon.

“Cozy Corner manager Francisco Reyno said he was happy no one was injured and the stolen money was immediately recovered,” DM notes.

The store was briefly closed, but opened back up later that afternoon.

Source: The Tribunist

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