When an alligator makes its way onto a residential property, it isn’t uncommon for a trapper and law enforcement to be called to the scene. In this case, an eight-foot gator was being transported off of a property, being carried by multiple officers. Even with its jaws and feet bound, that doesn’t mean the gator wasn’t powerful when lashing out.

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Alligators often whip their bodies when threatened, allowing them to use their powerful tails to help them escape danger.

As one gator was being transported out of a residential area Ocoee in Orlando, Florida, likely feeling stressed from being bound and carried, it reacted violently, attempting to wriggle itself free of the gator trapper’s and police officers’ grasps.

When the alligator flailed while being loaded into the back of a nearby pickup truck, a gator trapper working to lift and secure the reptile took the full brunt of the whipping motion as he was struck in the face by the gator’s head, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

The male officer quickly crumpled to the group.

“The gator flipped back and headbutted the guy,” said Walter Day, a local resident.

“[It] knocked him to the ground. At that point, it was (kind of) free and whacked police officers with its tail.”

After the delivering the headbutt, the alligator continued to struggle, whipping its tail and hitting two other men who were attempting to keep the reptile under control.

The entire incident was filmed by a bystander, ultimately making its way onto Instagram.

Ultimately, the gator remained bound, so it’s escape attempts were for naught.

While Florida is known for its alligators, Ocoee isn’t located near a significant body of water, so many of the residents were startled to discover the gator wandering through the area.

According to experts, alligators usually only travel great distances when seeking a mate or when searching for food.

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