When a pair of EA-18G Growler Navy pilots drew male genitalia in the sky in December 2017, it was met with backlash from those who saw it and among high-ranking Navy officials. The pilots were internally disciplined for their actions, but they may have inadvertently sparked a rivalry with the United States Air Force.

Air Force pilots in Germany have recreated the same “drawing” in the sky that got their fellow Navy pilots in how water with their superiors. What appeared to be an image of male genitalia appeared in the skies above Ramstein Air Force Base on Friday.

The image of the sky drawing was posted on Reddit with the caption reading: “We have topped the navy on Ramstein AB,” the post read. “She was large and beautiful.”

The unnamed person who posted the image to Reddit added, “Spotted over the skies of Ramstein AB. We beat the Navy.” Since the posting of the image, countless Airmen have shared it on various social media platforms.

As much as we would love to see a rivalry of pilots drawing male genitalia in the sky, it’s easy to see who really won this drawing contest — the Navy pilots. The Air Force’s drawing was sloppy and uneven.

The drawing over Germany looks like a mishmash of lines running aimlessly throughout the sky rather than a clear depiction of their intended goal — drawing male genitalia. The Navy pilots, on the other hand, drew clear and precise lines that could quickly be identified as easily as part of the male anatomy.

The Navy drawings over Washington State in 2017 are day and night better than the ones over Germany. Perhaps we could chalk this up to the use of different fighter jets, but let’s hope the rivalry doesn’t lose steam anytime soon.

Although the top brass in the Air Force are probably not any happier with their Airmen than the Navy officials were last year.


Source: The Tribunist

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