Chaos in a Gulf Coast beech town. A suspect in a suspicious death has barricaded himself in a building. The police responding to the scene have established a perimeter and have been returning fire with the suspect. Some of the witnesses are reporting as many as 50 shots fired in the incident, though it isn’t clear how many of those are coming from inside the building.

The standoff is happening in Panama City, Florida. The shooter is barricaded in an apartment building. The standoff has been going on now for 6 hours.

At present, this is an ongoing situation. The suspect is wanted for murder. One civilian has been wounded. The state of the suspect remains a mystery.

“Walton County Sheriff’s officials said on Twitter that the incident is tied to a suspicious death in Santa Rosa Beach where a body was found inside a home,” NBC reports.

The exchange of gunfire prompted the evacuation of a grocery store and a school. Residents are being urged to leave the area and stay clear if they are already away from home.

“The Panama City News Herald initially reported that a suspect barricaded himself inside a bank,” NBC reports. “A bomb squad vehicle was seen in the bank parking lot. But Lawrence said the bank is near the apartment building and it appears the suspect is confined to the apartment building.”

Witnesses said they heard more than 50 shots fired.

In the video footage below, you can see one reporter talking to a witness as gunfire erupts. These two were standing right behind the police line.

As the gunfire erupts, the pair decide they might need to take cover.

Here’s what appears to be another angle on the same moment, or just after.

Source: The Tribunist

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