The All American Savage show and Pod Cast is the brainchild of former Army Drill Sergeant John Burk. His rise to Internet fame came from a heartfelt impromptu video calling out our politically correct ridden society. Since then John has been featured on several television shows and has a massed a throng of followers via social media despite the heavily leaning leftist bias. His agenda is clear and straight to the point; that is to call out hypocrisy wherever it exists. To champion those without a voice, give his fellow veterans a hand up and not a handout. The goal of the All American Savage show is to let people know that we will address serious topics but we will also do some funny shit in the process. None of us are without fault or without fallibility.  Join us on this ride called life and help us reach the masses and make a noticeable impact on our country and those around the world. Yes We Can. Yes We Will.

Who are the Savages?

The Savages thus far are: John Burk, and the man behind the camera and mic is Executive Producer Joshua Sherrell.

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