To say that there is a website for everything is likely an understatement. If it is a topic that has caught anyone’s interest, someone has probably dedicated a site to it. However, that doesn’t mean that every website is intriguing to the masses. But those featured in this list are definitely worth a look.

Buzzfeed compiled a list of some of the internet’s most mind-blowing sites. Here are some of the highlights.

1. How Many People Are in Space Right Now

For those who ever dreamed of being an astronaut or are simply fascinated with space, How Many People Are in Space Right Now is a fun website. It tells you exactly how many people are currently residing in the cosmos as well as a quick profile on each person circling the Earth.

2. The True Size

Comparing the sizes of different countries isn’t always easy unless you make a trip over to The True Size. All you need to do is enter a country name, and it will create an overlay, letting you see just how it measures up to other parts of the world.

3. Behind the Name: Random Name Generator

Whether you are struggling to name a child, a video game character, or a pen name for a book, Behind the Name has your back. The site has a random name generator that allows you to check various origin categories, the gender, and even how many names you want to be included.

4. Have I Been Pwned?

If you ever wondered whether your email address had been compromised in a data breach, now you can find out. Head over to Have I Been Pwned, enter your email, and find out if you’ve been pwned.

5. Chordify

Guitar players rejoice! If you’ve ever wanted to play your favorite song but don’t have the music, Chordify can take the music from nearly any YouTube video and produce (mostly) accurate chords.

6. Still Tasty

For those who wonder how long a food item will stay good in the fridge or freezer, Still Tasty has your answer.

Source: The Tribunist

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