This is not your typical story of office romance. The images of the journals’ pages chronicle an unusual obsession. A woman who worked in a a rather typical office received the evidence of a coworker’s obvious fixation as she was preparing to leave her position. She’s chosen to publish them on social media as a warning, of sorts.

A warning. The pages have some rather adult themes.

“I received these journals (and pen, don’t forget the pen!) plus flowers, candy and a huge stuffed bear from my former cubicle neighbor at a job I worked at for 3 years,” the woman writes. “As you’ll see, the guy is nucking futs.”

“These are just a selection. Most of the entries (221 total) are rather mundane, just notating what I wear, and anything that pops into his crazy head that he feels I want to hear him blather on about. Our cubicles were next to each other the whole time I worked at this firm. We were kinda friendly the first six months I was there. Then he asked me on a date.”

“I very politely declined. Very firm that I don’t date co-workers and what-not. After that, besides for a friendly hello, he said almost nothing to me. We were on different teams, so it wasn’t a big deal to me. But after I turned him down, he started keeping this journal. This entry also takes a turn into the crazy end. Up until now he called me pet names and talked as if we were currently dating. This is the first time he really reveals that he’s planned the rest of our lives out for us. The last 9 months of the journals get really bad.”

“Every time I read this entry, I eat a family size package of double stuffed Oreos just to spite him.”

“I know what my reaction would have been if he was at the resort in Mexico where my friend was getting married. A trip to HR & moving to a different part of the office.”

“Barf. He doesn’t understand that a ‘work boyfriend’ actually means anything. I didn’t find my work boyfriend attractive at all, I just enjoyed his jokes. Something to break up the day.”

“The fact that he always heard every little thing I said is really suspicious to me. Yes, he was four or five feet away from me, but I honestly wonder if he bugged my cube somehow. Because there’s no way this conversation happened loud enough for him to hear normally. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but based on his behavior, I have a pretty good reason to be. Also, double barf at the thought I was trying to turn him on or that he went to the bathroom to jerk it. Those double stuff oreos from before don’t have a chance.”

“You’ll excuse me if I want to take a bath for the next seven days after this. Ugh. My ‘sweet flower’ would spit his mucked up seed out faster and farther than a llama can spit. Also, thanks for ruining ‘Andrew’ and ‘Peter’ for me.”

“So that day I went to my supervisor and gave my two weeks notice & that I was planning on using my accrued vacation days during that time. Without getting into all the gory details, I wanted to get out of that place (and I didn’t even know about this psycho yet!). So I packed up my stuff, and was gone before this loser came in. My friends in the office told me that Psycho Cube Boy was late because he had a doctor’s appointment or something and absolutely melted down when he found out why I wasn’t there. He got sent home, where I assume he wrote this last entry. In the office the next day, he contacted HR and said that I was moving and that I had asked him to bring me my last paycheck stub. So a since-fired HR person gave him my address. He left work at lunchtime, bought a bunch of things he thought would win me over, and came to my apartment. Thankfully, I wasn’t there, as I was flying to another city to rent an apartment for a new job. He camped out in front of my building for three days. Finally someone called the cops on him and he had to abandon whatever his plans were. I got back the next day and found that he UPSed me all this stuff. Suffice to say, I didn’t react in the way that he wanted. Long story short, he is currently in jail (2-5 years) and I live in a new city, only now able to laugh about what happened, thanks for a kickass therapist and some amazing drugs.”

“EDIT Since so many people are asking, I’ll expound on why he’s in jail. After I received a restraining order, he violated that RO and attempted to kidnap me so that he could ‘prove’ his love to me in whatever twisted way he thought that was possible. Thanks to the outstanding law enforcement officials in my city, his attempt was known ahead of time and I was being monitored, so that as soon as he started his kidnapping attempt, he was apprehended and arrested. Hope that answers that question.”

Source: The Tribunist

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