And of course, Tomi Lahren made headlines once more for saying “Watching kids getting gassed at the border is the highlight of my week.” Expect for one thing, that’s not what she said. That’s not what she said at all. In her tweet, Tomi responded to SJW liberal activist Alyssa Milano who accused Trump of intentionally gassing women and children; and incorrect accusation. You can see the tweet below and no where in that tweet did Lahren say any such thing.

But of course, other liberal ran websites are now going after her for saying she enjoyed seeing children gassed. A far slant of the left leaning if I do say so myself, but honestly, what do we expect from such a corrupted form of liberal driven “journalism” these days. Anything that anyone says that goes against their narrative is twisted into something completely different and suddenly correlates with racism or fascism. It almost seems as if liberals don’t even now the meaning of racism these days. The one word that democrats seem to forget about when it comes to what the right is against is “illegal”. This caravan is not refugees coming for sanctuary, they’re coming for poor economic reasons from the countries they’ve left, which doesn’t qualify for asylum. But fo course, as per usual, if you don’t support open borders, you must be racist towards hispanics.

Left leaning “news” agencies are now running with the “fake news” and trying to once more smear someone over something they didn’t say. Newsweeks featured article highlights the true inaccuracy of what she actually said vs what they wanted to hear: read it here

Can liberal media at least quote people correctly when they try and slander them?

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