YouTuber Sidni Standard shares her story on walking away from the Democrat party and how college shaped her as a first time voter.

Sidni first mentions, “So my whole life I grew up and, you know, I was Democrat, like everyone around me was a Democrat. People were Democrats. You know, I didn’t really know anything other than the fact that Democrats were supposed to be the party that helped everyone. They were just this amazing party. And they were the good guys while the Republicans were the bad guys. And I didn’t grow up in like a primarily Black area. I grew up in a primarily White area. And, you know, I went to a private elite woman’s college.”

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She continued talking about how it was interesting she never was a very political person and stated, “I was too young when Obama was up for election both times. The first time I voted was in 2016. And I don’t even know if I got my election. Because honestly, I was at college, so I did a paper ballot. So who even know really.”

Sidni Standard reflects back, “I just remember being so incredibly upset when Hillary didn’t win in 2016 because I was in my senior year of college. And, you know, the whole campus was in tears because we were like, oh, my God. Trump he’s this misogynist, this racists, this homophobe, this everything. And I even protested in Boston. And I was like, oh, my God, that’s terrible. I was really that’s how far deep I was into this. And before I even went to college, I was nowhere near as radical as when I left college. Like it was just crazy. Like after I left college. I just, like, hated man. I hated anyone who disagreed with me, basically. And, you know, I learned to protest in college and I learned about being a social justice warrior and like posting all this stuff on Facebook for the Democrats and also their stuff. Because, again, I thought they were the good guys.”

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Sidni Standard mentions conservative influencers, “I kind of started to listen to people like Candace Owens and, you know, Charlie Kirk and the Rubin Report. But really, Candace Owens was my intro. And the more I listened to her and the more I, like, actually looked into these into what she was saying and did my research, the more I realized that, like, the Democrats are literally, like, they’re all communists and Marxists. And I’ve always been like a capitalist because I believe in the free market system. I think it’s the best way for world prosperity, like the best system that’s been created. And I also saw, like through my studies that communism, socialism has never worked.”

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