A pro-police rally was held in Seattle hosted by the Seattle police officers guild to protest against the city council potentially defunding the police. The Seattle city council’s defunding process includes firing 100 officers and disbanding the navigation team that are tasked to help the homeless.

Pro-police supporters at a rally were seen chanting SPD and a spokesperson said, “The reasonable ignored majority, that have signed this petition. 160,840! Every one of us is the reasonable, ignored majority, and I can’t thank you enough not only for your support, but how courageous you are that you’re here today. Give yourselves a big hand! We are the professionals. We will not engage in violence. We will not engage in unreasonable activism. We will not engage with the loud Microcosm of this community, because they do not represent the reasonable people. We do!”

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Radio talk show host Jason Rantz shared, “Seattle residents don’t like it. There’ve been three polls that have been taken within the last 10 days or so, and they all overwhelmingly say no to this 50% defund plan from the Council. But as of later today, they’ll be voting on a plan that will almost immediately fire, lay off, a hundred officers. We’re talking about school resource officers, some SWAT team members, and something called the navigation team would be gone completely. “

Rantz continues, “The navigation team is a specialized group of law enforcement officials and social workers that go into the homeless communities to try to connect people living out on the streets with shelter. So that would be going away. And this comes a day after a rather large rally, pro-police rally, yesterday outside of Seattle City Hall, where several thousand people showed up to say, stop attacking our police officers. What’s happening is you’ve got council members just not responding to emails coming in, not responding to phone calls of residents complaining about the direction.”

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