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Gary Feldman who is a city-registered poll watcher was blocked from entering a polling place even though he presented his permit to poll workers.

Gary Feldman's Watcher's Certificate


Feldman walked up to a poll worker at the door and asked, “You’re not letting me in?”

The poll worker said, “Well, no. Not until you call the police. Do it. If you legal, call the cops.”

Another poll worker responded pointing inside, “If, if the city guide-. Call it now.”

A man nearby said something to Feldman and he responded, “OK. I have a citywide watcher certificate.”

One poll worker responded, “It’s not for this location!”

The other said, “It’s not only for here.”

Feldman questioned, “This is the-. This is the city of Philadelphia. This is the city of Philadelphia. You wanted to talk on your turf. Let’s talk. I have a while. I asked you to read the line. The line said that [the permit] is good in every ward and division in the city.

The man filming Will Chamberlain said, “As you would have seen. There was the video we took earlier this morning of a poll watcher getting barred from entering. Apparently, that was I just saw confirmation from the city board that, you know, that did in fact happen, thankfully. So nobody’s saying it’s misinformation anymore.”

Chamberlain continued, “I would say, like there’s some serious, like, failure to comply with basic election rules, like I think a poll watcher thing was a classic example of that. I mean, there the poll watcher certificate clearly states that you are able to go into it where it’s legitimate and works for any polling place in the city of Philadelphia.”

A Democrat committeewoman in North Philly also said that poll watcher rules ‘are not being followed’

She said, “Any of this conversation when it was here. It is not fair to them. They don’t know! So when you go in, and you know, I’m not trying to be ignorant, but we don’t know you! So you go in and you give them direction, and they feel they’re supposed to follow it. It’s not happening! Not gonna happen! No!”

A man said to her pointing to a woman standing nearby, “She’s with the PA Dems then?”

The committeewoman responded, “And she’s outside! She’s not staying on the inside!”

Another woman walked up to the man and said, “Full-on [unintelligible] this situation. I just believe the conversation is over.”

The committeewoman continued, “This is a senior citizen building! And we are willfully concerned. For real, for real. So just understanding that. Take the voting stuff out of it. She can go in. We get her information. She gotta come out. I’m out. She’s out. We’re all out! What makes you think he can stay in?!”

The man responded, “The rules.”

She responded to him, “Ok, just no. That rule ain’t being followed!”

The man said, “Ok. That’s for you, that’s fine. As long as you’re identifying there is a rule.”

She said back to him, “I’m not doing that.”

The Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania will allow absentee ballots to be counted up to three days after Election Day.

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