Civil Right Attorney Leo Terrell announced his support for President Trump after Democratic candidate Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Terrell stated, “Listen, for the next 84 days, I’m not sleeping. Before I endorsed President Trump, I said if Kamala Harris is selected, I’m voting Republican. And she got selected. I want to be very clear to the American public. Kamala Harris was selected for two reasons: because she’s a woman and because of her race. That’s called affirmative action. She’s not qualified to be a vice president. She’s not qualified to be one heartbeat away from the highest office in the land.”

Previously a Democrat, Terrell cited Harris’ record with Black Americans as a big reason why he will be voting for President Trump in 2020. Terrell said he doesn’t think young Blacks will vote for a Biden/Harris ticket.

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Terrell cited, “Let me just be very clear. I live in California. I’ve been around Kamala Harris and her record is horrible. She was a horrible district attorney, a horrible attorney general. Why? She wouldn’t pursue a death penalty against a cop killer. She went after little people, little people, marijuana smokers as she ignored big drug dealers. She was horrible. Not only that, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has one thing in common. They locked up more black people to any other politician. She defied, Sean, court order, federal court order to release an inmate who was wrongfully charged with a crime. She kept inmates in prison for cheap labor.”

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Terrell responds to Spicer about the Black vote coming for Kamala, “No, no. Let me tell you right now, Kamala Harris is not likable and does not have a lot of Black support. Everybody should remember this; she dropped out of the race two months before the Iowa caucus. Why? She was polling poorly in California. Biden had more Black support than Kamala Harris. I’m going to tell you right now, Sean. Blacks under 40 do not subscribe to the Democratic plantation mentality.”

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