Two elderly women were harassed by antifa during a Portland riot and one woman with a walker was verbally harassed after she extinguished a fire near a wooden barricade. The other elderly woman was doused in paint as she defended the East Precinct. Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell held a press conference and he responded with his thoughts on the protests.

Police Chief Lovell pointed out exactly what antifa is doing, “They’re dedicated to just provoking a police response, and that response is taking away from our ability to go out and give people the service that they expect from the [Portland] Police Bureau. People expect to get their calls for service answered. They expect us to be able to answer their calls for service, respond to the shootings that we’ve been having and things of that nature. So we’re really calling on people to come out and just really say that that activity needs to stop.”

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Chief Lovell continued, “We need to get to a point where we can be about the reforms and the advances and just giving the community the service that they really need and expect. We have a great partnership with OSP downtown. They have replaced the federal officers and we have a longstanding history of working closely with Oregon State Police and training with them. And the downtown activity has actually been pretty promising. So we’re really happy for our partnership with Oregon State Police and also Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. And to the officers that have been working. We’re pushing almost 70 straight days of protests here in Portland.”

Chief Lovell also mentioned, “Officers are tired and they keep coming back every night because they love this city. They’re working hard to keep the city safe, protect people, and give people the right to exercise their free speech, but also protect property from those who are committed to try to destroy it and to try to do things that are disruptive to the functioning of our beautiful city.”

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The Portland Police Chief also later stated, “There’s a lot of forces at play for us right now between the pandemic people out of work, a lot of people, you know, with free time, and the economy, the, you know, crowd control events, the violence. I think all those probably play a role, but it’s hard to quantify. We try to not be out where we are, you know, a target or visible where people want to provoke a response from us. ”

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