Georgia Democrat Vernon Jones gave a speech at the RNC explaining why he endorsed President Donald Trump.

Rep. Vernon Jones stated, “We’ve been their captive audience. When President Trump sought to earn the Black vote, the Democratic Party leaders went crazy. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer literally started wearing kente cloths around the U.S. Capitol as if pandering were enough to keep us satisfied. Let me tell you why I’m supporting our president. I grew up in the south in Laurel Hill, North Carolina, Scotland County. The Green Pond community, to be exact. My parents, Robin and Rufur Jones, built with their own hands a four-room cinderblock home with no indoor plumbing. They had very limited education, but they instilled in us a strong work ethic that drove me from those tobacco fields of North Carolina to those hallowed halls of the Georgia General Assembly. My parents taught me if I believe in God, work hard, and treated every person fairly, there was no limit to what we could achieve.”

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Jones continued, “I attended North Carolina Central University, a Historical Black College. For generations, HBCUs have been the incubators that develop black scholars in math and science and religion, engineering, and politics. They have been important springboards for the black success. But Democrats haven’t treated them that way. When President Trump took office, he changed everything. He delivered historic funding to HBCUs and he guaranteed it for ten years, something that has never happened in the history of this country. That gave our HBCUs stability, the chance to grow, and produce the next generation of Black leaders. That’s right. Donald Trump did that.”

Earlier this year in April Jones stated, “Well, Donald Trump has done more in the last three years for African-Americans than the Democratic Party and Democratic presidents have in my lifetime. Give you an example. It was Donald Trump that actually supported and passed the prison or the Criminal Justice Reform Act that’s literally letting thousands of black people out of jail. The Democratic Party left me. I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. I refuse to put partisan politics before the American people.”

Jones stood by his claim that Trump has done much for the Black community.

Rep. Jones also said, “The president also built the most inclusive economy ever with record low unemployment for African-Americans and record-high participation in the workforce. He put opportunity zones in the Trump tax bill that would drive investment into our communities for decades to come. He put the interests of American workers and especially Black workers first. That’s right. Donald Trump did that. He delivered historic criminal justice reform. He ended once and for all, the policy of incarceration of black people, which has decimated our communities caused by no other than Joe Biden. Democrats wouldn’t do it. Obama didn’t want to do it. And Joe Biden and Kamala Harris definitely wouldn’t do it. But Donald Trump did it.”

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Jones initially resigned after he endorsed Trump but later rescinded his decision and stayed in office.

Jones stated, “I’m going to remain on the battlefield. I’m going to complete my term. I’m going to continue to put my country before my party.

Democrat Vernon Jones during his speech also said, “But I’m here to tell you that Black voices are becoming more woke and louder than ever. The Democratic Party has become infected with a pandemic of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law-enforcement bias, and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy their property and terrorize our own communities. That’s what this election is all about. And that’s why right now, more than ever, more than ever before, America needs Donald Trump in the Oval Office for another four years. God bless you. And vote Donald J. Trump.”

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